Sponsor a Child


Become a Child Sponsor today!


  For about a dollar a day, you can ensure one child a spot at the AAH primary school which provides a well-rounded education and basic health care. Sponsor an AAH student for a year and: Friends at AAH

  • Ensure a warm lunch every day and a school uniform
  • Give a child a sense of self worth
  • Expand a child’s horizons and provide an immeasurable source of encouragement
  • Show a child in need that you care

Gain from the experience:

  • Know you are making a profound difference in the life of a child.
  • Learn about what it’s like to grow up in rural Uganda.
  • Discover a unique and wonderful culture.
  • Look forward to receiving letters from your sponsored child throughout the year.
  • Change your life and the child’s life forever.

Girls at AAH Use our online donation form or send your application (PDF) by mail.  You will receive a Child Sponsor kit which includes a photo and profile of your child, guidelines for the program, information, and deadlines to help you communicate with your sponsored child three times each school year.

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