Become a Volunteer, an Intern, Get Involved!


In the U.S.

AAH is operated in the U.S. almost entirely by volunteers. Donate your time and talents to help make our program all it can be. Please fill out and email us the AAH Volunteer Form (PDF) or mail it to us at AAH, PO Box 7694, Arlington, VA 22207.

In Uganda

Looking for a life-changing and incredibly enriching experience? Email us for our Uganda Volunteer Guide.

Interested in becoming an intern with AAH? We host college students in a variety of fields! Email us for our Uganda Intern Guide.

Organize a fundraiser

We love it when AAH supporters – including children – use their energy and creativity to organize activities and raise funds for AAH. We will gladly support your efforts. Here are some recent examples of fundraisers AAH supporters have organized on our behalf:
  • Used book drive and sale
  • Sale of tree saplings
  • Zumba dance-athon
  • Wear-your-blue-jeans –to-work-day and pay $5
  • Jewelry sales events organized by various AAH supporters
  • Lemonade stands, bake sales and other events organized by many children
  • Alternative gift markets and other fundraisers held at places of worship
  • Yard sales
If you need help with your fundraiser or want to brainstorm ideas, please email us.

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