Teens Forge Deep Connections at AAH

By Executive Director | August 29, 2017

by Adriana Asef-Sargent, 2016 & 2017 Teen Trip Attendee Something special about AAH keeps me wanting to come back. The kids are all so amazing!  It’s refreshing to see kids who are excited and want to learn and go to school. They work so hard and they never complain—they have so much energy and love.…

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In the News: Marymount students lend a hand to their counterparts in Uganda

By Executive Director | August 10, 2017

Click here for an article on Marymount University students’ recent trip to AAH from Inside NOVA.

Our student newsletter, Mulembe Magazine

By Executive Director | July 30, 2017

By Danielle Fortin, former International Coordinator As a school that prides itself on providing the best educational opportunities for its students, we are always looking for new ways to inspire creative learning at Arlington Junior School. That is where our new newsletter, “Mulembe Magazine,” comes in.  Click here to read the lastest issue! Originally inspired…

Donor Spotlight: One Soldier’s Story

By Executive Director | July 30, 2017

By Annette Brown, AAH Donor & Sponsor During May of 2006, I read a Washington Post article detailing how John and Joyce Wanda, along with many donors, started the Arlington Academy of Hope (AAH) in their home country of Uganda. My first thought was that I should do something to help simply because I can.…

The Arlington Junior School Annual Reading Challenge

By Executive Director | July 30, 2017

By Lois Grubb, AAH Education Committee Since 2006, our dedicated students at Arlington Junior School (AJS) went “Wild About Reading,” had a “Reading Safari” in their library, discovered that reading is their “Super Power,” and learned that “Reading is an Amazing, Astounding and Very, Very Awesome Adventure!” Focused on an engaging theme each year, the…

Outreach Schools Excel in Primary Leaving Examinations

By Executive Director | June 27, 2017

By Olivia Schneider, former Outreach Coordinator At the end of every school year, all 7th grade (P7) students in Uganda take a very important exam called the Primary Leaving Examination (PLE). The PLE tests students on everything they’ve learned from P1 to P7, culminating in one final exam to determine whether they’ve successfully passed primary school.…

Helping Kids with Albinism in Uganda: AAH and the Asante Mariamu Foundation

By Executive Director | June 27, 2017

By Susan Dubois, Executive Director, Asante Mariamu In addition to AAH’s support for the education and health of kids in rural Uganda, the organization is often asked to help in other ways. Developing partnerships with other NGOs is a practical way to address issues like albinism—an important problem, but one requiring specific expertise outside of…

Students Receive Scholarship for University Education

By Executive Director | June 26, 2017

By: Danielle Fortin, International Coordinator Last year Mutunga Godfrey and Kituyi Peninah worked hard at their secondary schools to perform well on their national exams that mark the end of their secondary schooling. They received some of the top scores in the country. Now, we are so happy to announce they have been awarded a…

Matuwa Sponsorship Program Begins

By Executive Director | June 15, 2017

By: Daphne Mabonga, Assistant Outreach Coordinator Growing up in rural Uganda and attaining a good undisturbed education is a big challenge to many, especially those who come from very needy families. Overcoming this challenge has been Arlington’s goal from the start. In 2004, we opened our school and started educating 350 students in the primary…

Uganda Day at Tuckahoe Elementary

By Executive Director | May 18, 2017

By Mitch Pascal, Principal, Tuckahoe Elementary School This is the second year that my school, Tuckahoe Elementary, has partnered with AAH to support one of the outreach schools, Matuwa Primary.  Our community has responded tremendously, and it has been so gratifying to know that we have provided assistance that has resulted in the building of Matuwa’s…