Volunteers at AAH Uganda

Matthew, Jack, and Zach’s favorite Teen Trip memories

By Executive Director | August 30, 2018

Zach, Jack, and Matthew (pictured left to right with AAH Uganda Program Director Milton Kamoti)—the young men from this year’s Teen Trip— share their favorite memories of their special time in Uganda. For Matthew, the climb up Mount Nusu with AJS students stood out, and playing soccer with the local students was the favorite of…

Teen Trip Recap from Uganda

By Executive Director | July 31, 2018

You don’t want to miss out next year! by Fareeda Abdulkareem, AAH International Coordinator Volunteering is a cornerstone of the Arlington Academy of Hope. Our volunteer program spans both humanitarian activities and an old-fashioned, get-to-know Uganda journey with its people and blessings.  When our annual Teen Trip with nine teenagers and chaperone co-founder Joyce Wanda…

AAH Outreach Program Rallies For The New Term

By Executive Director | July 9, 2018

by Fareeda Abdulkareem, AAH International Coordinator On June 7th, the head teachers from seventeen schools around the Bududa district convened at the Arlington Academy of Hope library to discuss strategy and concerns regarding the direction of the Outreach Program for the second term. The Outreach Program is an AAH initiative that works with twenty-four schools…

Jennipher with Kate Lord & Christen Brandt

AAH gave this natural humanitarian the financial independence she desperately needed

By Executive Director | June 27, 2018

As Jennipher, the AAH Guest House Manager, reflects on her time with AAH, (ten years in 2018), she sits on the arm of a couch, smiling. Throughout the conversation, it is obvious why she is such a good fit for the organization. Every time the subject of children comes up, either hers or the many she…

members of the grandfathers club

Donor Spotlight: The Grandfathers’ Club

By Executive Director | May 17, 2018

By Bethany Hu, AAH Operations Manager Most AAH student sponsors are individual families, but one of our most interesting sponsors is a group of poker-playing retirees from Northern Virginia who call themselves the Honorary Grandfathers’ Club. This group originated in Alexandria, Virginia, in the mid-1980s. Their story began when a group of registered nurses who…

patricia george walochik

Donor Spotlight: Patricia Walochik

By Executive Director | April 24, 2018

By Laura Barrantes, Executive Director Patricia Walochik’s first gift to AAH was in 2002, two years before Arlington Junior School opened. Before moving to Atlanta, where she lives now, Pat and her late husband George were members of Bethel Church, the church John and Joyce Wanda attended when they moved to Arlington. Pat remembers the…

student studying with flashlight

The Need for Light

By Executive Director | April 15, 2018

by Ani Arzoomanian, Tuckahoe Elementary School As a fourth grade teacher at Tuckahoe Elementary School, I was first made aware of Arlington Academy of Hope by way of our mutual affiliation with Matuwa Primary School in Uganda. After learning more about AAH’s righteous intentions – their goal to improve the quality of life in rural…

aah employee shaking hands with local woman

Better Housing Project

By Executive Director | April 15, 2018

By Jimmy Kuloba, AAH Graduate & Volunteer The Better Housing Project started in August of 2017 as partnership between AAH Uganda and the Kamal Foundation to help people cement the floors in their homes in different communities of Bududa district. This project is aimed at improving the lives of people in the district. The dirt…

Two AAH Women elected Student Body Presidents

By Executive Director | April 15, 2018

By Emma MacKenzie, International Coordinator In the world of student politics at universities and colleges across Uganda, the top spot is Guild President. This is an elected position which AAH students have run for before, but they have never succeeded until now! AAH students didn’t just win one top spot – they won two! And…

A Sit-In for Electricity

By Executive Director | October 28, 2017

By Milton Kamoti, Program Director When I joined AAH on February 22, 2016, there was no power at Arlington Junior School, staff quarters and the guesthouse. The transformer that was serving our community had blown due to overloading by illegal power connectors (we call them “power thieves”). Several attempts had been made by the local businesses and…