Located in the village of Bumwalukani, our Arlington Junior School (AJS) provides a quality primary school education to 350 children. Our rigorous, traditional curriculum in English (Uganda’s official language) emphasizes science, social studies, reading, and math. Our Ugandan teachers encourage participation, debate, critical thinking, and self-expression. In addition, students learn music, dance, drama, agriculture, domestic care, ecology, sports, and handicrafts.

AJS delivers not only hope for a better future but also results. For 13 consecutive years, 100% of AJS students have passed the Primary Leaving Exam (PLE), the national exam taken by all Ugandan students at the end of primary school. As a result, every AJS student has advanced to secondary school – a striking contrast to other local children.

aah staff in front of aah library

Careers & Internships

We are always excited to add new people to our team on a temporary or permanent basis!  See below for information on current career and internship opportunities.

An internship with AAH provides dedicated individuals the opportunity to get involved in international development. With internships available at both our clinics and our school, we seek individuals with experience in a wide range of fields. Interns will gain insight on the operations of an international non-profit organization, be immersed in a new language and culture, work with skilled staff, and have opportunities to explore Uganda during free time. Interns ideally will stay on site with us in Uganda for at least three months. We welcome anyone interested in education, health, and international development to contact us about our internships.

Health Interns: Health interns work directly with patients under clinic staff supervision. Daily activities will vary with the applicant’s personal experience and interest. Ideally, AAH looks for those interested in nursing, obstetrics and gynecology, infectious diseases, midwifery, pediatrics, and public health.

Interns interested in public health will have the opportunity to work with the Beatrice Tierney Health Center as a part of the non-medical staff assisting with community health education in areas of HIV, infectious diseases, health and sanitation, reproductive and maternal health, family planning, and nutrition. Public health interns have a unique opportunity to design and implement multi-disciplinary educational programs that can demonstrate how these areas impact the functioning of the entire community, including economic, educational, political, and social implications.

Education Interns: Education volunteers can do a variety of tasks depending on their specific knowledge, their teaching qualifications, and their preference for large or small groups. For example, interns can teach or mentor in academic subjects to either classes or individual students, provide teacher training, assist in the holiday program over school breaks, run workshops, and much more at Arlington Junior School or the primary schools in our Outreach Program.

Currently, no positions are available with AAH. Keep checking back!

As a social work major, it has exposed me to a whole new field of service that I had not yet explored or had prior knowledge of. It deepened my understanding and compassion for higher education, youth, and health prevention/awareness at an international level. It also provide me with first-hand insight into the functioning of a nonprofit organization."